List of Journals

Biological and Clinical Sciences Research Journal (Biol. Clin. Sci. Res. J.   eISSN: 2708-2261; pISSN: 2958-4728)

Bulletin of Biological and Allied Sciences Research (Bull. Biol. All. Sci. Res.   ISSN: 2521-0092) (

Pakistan Journal of Intensive Care Medicine (eISSN: 2789-2905; pISSN: 2789-2891)


Journal of Physical, Biomedical and Biological Sciences (J. Phy. Biomed. Biol. Sci.  eISSN: xxxx-xxxx) 

Medical and Clinical Sciences Research Journal (Med. Clin. Sci. Res. J.  ISSN: xxxx-xxxx)(